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Alpha Care Teknik was founded in 2005 and is a trading and consulting company that delivers solutions for welfare technology for bathrooms for disabled and elderly people.

Alpha Care’s solutions are designed to create a safe and secure environment for elderly and people with disabilities or limited mobility, securing that the functionality and safety in the bathroom increases.

There is a strong focus on ensuring that our products and solutions support a sense of homeliness and also creates a better working environment for healthcare workers and relatives.

The simple design makes the Alpha Care program suitable for lasting layout of the bathroom, toilet, etc. in both public care homes and private homes, with a focus on the experience of homeliness combined with requirements for functional and ergonomic layout.

Our vision

That the market will consider Alpha Care Teknik as a specialized, qualified and technically wellfounded advicer and supplier of products within REHAB for primarily shower / WC and secondary kitchen to the project market.


To optimize the functional framework and everyday life for people with disabilities, as well as the working environment for healthcare workers around them.

Contact information Alpha Care Teknik A/S Alstrup Alle 2 8361 Hasselager Danmark CVR: 29140634 Tlf. (+45) 87 38 00 44 info@acare.as